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Kete A

Your kete arrives flat in a box to be assembled. This is a complex kitset with many pieces to fit in place. Instructions are included to help you. 
On the back of the kete there is a hole for a screw, so you can attach to the wall. 

Laser cut from printed MDF. We've called this layout A, wood feathers along the top with another colour at the bottom.

Our kete design is based on the traditional Māori baskets, which are woven out of flax.

Kete A

PriceFrom $78.00
  • Small; 250mm wide, 200mm tall, 85mm deep when assembled.

    Medium; 320mm wide, 260mm tall, 100mm deep when assembled.

    Large; 390mm wide, 320mm tall, 110mm deep when assembled.

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