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The Wētā comes flat in a pack. We have already cut the pieces into the board using our laser machine. Each piece remains in the board, held in place by small bridges. Push them out of the board to break these bridges and assemble using the instructions provided.


The flatpack is laser cut from MDF, printed in a selection of our coloured patterns.

There are a few sizes to choose from for this design, you can see more information below and use the drop down boxes to make your selection.


PriceFrom $14.00
  • $14 - comes in an A6 flatpack.

    Flat dimensions: 95mm x 145mm x 3mm.

    When assembled: 95mm x 80mm x 55mm.


    $20 - comes in an A5 sized flatpack.

    Flat dimensions: 148mm x 210mm

    Dimensions when assembled: 130mm x 120mm x 60mm.

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