Paint your own puzzle

What would you say to a puzzle you can paint yourself? Thanks to Chris and his laser cutters, you can buy a puzzle blank to create your own masterpiece.


Laser cut from MDF that has been primed. The pieces are held together with small bridges. Draw or paint your design, wait to dry completely, then seperate the pieces and try to put them back together!


These are a fun activity for the kids and adults, and would make a great gift for the creative person in your life. 

Paint your own puzzle

  • Puzzle is the size of an A4 piece of paper. 

    195mm x 290mm x 3mm.

    12 piece puzzle. 

  • When painting the puzzle, make sure to let it dry completely before separating the puzzle pieces. Some paint may have sunk down in between the laser cut pieces and may still be wet even when the top appears dry. Give it some extra time to dry so you don't smudge your artwork.