The flatpack - comes in an A5 or A4 sized pack. We have cut the pieces out using our laser, you have to push the pieces out of the board and assemble using the instructions provided. The end result is a kombi in the colour of your choosing. 


The boxed kitset - comes flat in a box. The sides are coloured, paired with a white roof and black wheels. Peel both sides of all the pieces then assemble using the instructions. This larger size is more elaborate and the mixture of the colour with the black and white board adds a little extra.


PriceFrom $18.00
  • A5 Flatpack, 120mm long, 55mm tall, 50mm wide when assembled.

    A4 Flatpack, 170mm long, 80mm tall, 70mm wide when assembled.

    Boxed kitset, 280mm long, 135mm tall, 105mm wide when assembled.