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Flower Wall Art

Our daisy style flower is an eye-catching addition to your wall, on it’s own or in a set. You can play with colour, pattern and style to get the exact look you want.

These sets are popular gifts, perfect to hang in any room.


The flower comes flat in a pack or a box depending on the size. Instructions are provided to help you. The flat packs come ready to build, with the protective paper already scraped by our factory. The larger boxed sizes are covered in a protective paper that needs to be removed before you assemble the kit. It’s like peeling a sticker. An extra step but worth it!


The flowers are easy to attach to the wall as the back piece has hole for a nail or a screw to hang on.

Flower Wall Art

PriceFrom $34.00
  • Small $34
    Dimensions when assembled: 165mm wide x 50mm deep. Flat pack is 195mm x 195mm x 8mm.

    Medium $48 
    Dimensions when assembled: 260mm wide x 80mm deep. Flat box size 190mm x 200mm x 40mm. 

    Large $110 
    Dimensions when assembled: 430mm wide x 130mm deep. Flat box size 250mm x 260mm x 50mm. 

  • In store customers usually choose a set of three small flowers, or one large flower and two small. Popular prints are; wood, light wood and then a pattern like black koru, green koru, red koru or black paisley for a neutral look. 

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