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Custom Words

We can now custom cut names or other words for you. Chris has designed his own font that he can arrange into your chosen word, and laser cut in any colour you like! 

Use your imagination. How about Jacob in green, Olivia in yellow or Laura in Pink? But what about Bride and Groom? Man Cave? Cuba Mall? Wellington? Aroha? 

Chris will arrange the letters, cut them in Petone and then they will be ready to dispatch from our Cuba street store.

Custom Words

PriceFrom $10.00
  • The board is 3mm thick, the letters will be at least 90mm tall and the length of the word depends what you choose. 

  • The base price for any word is $10 and then $3 per letter. 
    For example: Charlie would be $10+(7 letters x $3) = $31. Sam would be $10+(3 letters x $3) = $19. 

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